Fateful Encounter

School 2013 Jjang meets another Jjang
She was a broken girl. When she was just born, her ears were damaged during an accident by the doctor. It soon grew to heal itself. 17 years later, she realized that she was going deaf, permanently this time. Her world crashed. Never blessed with a beautiful voice, she loved the piano with all her might. Music was the only thing she had in the absence of parental love. But it had to be taken away somehow. She despaired and wallowed in self pity. She really thought she could die. Her grades fell and she was transferred to a neighborhood school. All of a sudden, she knew she had to get herself together. She went there in the hopes of coming back to her elite school, treating the second school as a little blemish on her record. She felt that this phase would pass, sooner or later. She had to find another meaning to her life.
He was a broken boy. His father was a drunkard. He went to the police station every other day to pick him up. At first, he tried to love him for who he was. However, when his mother left, he soon grew to be revolted by his father. Later, he simply got used to it. His father was like a vacuum, there was nothing in him left to think of. In Grade 11, and a repeat student, he was a problem child. He was the best fighter in the school, a bully notorious for his intimidating ways. But with the arrival of two new teachers and a new student, and the ‘betrayal’ of one of his bests, he found himself in a sea of enemies waiting patiently for the time he would fall and his capabilities challenged. With that kind of inherent fear of losing his worth, he now meets another transfer student who comes with another dark past.


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